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Statistical Data Analysis

We give data meaning to help make decisions
  • Do you have a large amount of data and do not know how to obtain the key information from it?
  • Do you need to sort, analyze, and visualize your dataset?
  • Do you want to separate the signal from the noise?
  • We analyze the data for you and process it so that you can make the right decisions.
We understand private companies and public institutions
  • We will design automation that will be tailored to the needs of your organization, we have solutions for small and medium-sized companies.
  • We are close to public institutions because we are part of one of them, but at the same time we understand business because we have been cooperating with companies for a long time.
We combine university experience with the practice
  • We are based at the Prague University of Business and Economy, where we have a wide team of statistical experts, rich know-how, and a large number of researchers.
  • We also offer employee training, which we adapt to the needs of your company.


Our Services

Statistical processing and analysis of data files

Statistical testing of hypotheses, performing statistical estimates, and application of suitable statistical methods for the analysis of data sets. Evaluation of the results of economic, socio-economic, demographic, clinical, and biostatistical studies and surveys.

Financial and cash flow models – risk analysis and diversification, prediction

Creation of quantitative models for cash flow management of companies and evaluation of the profitability of their new or existing products, financial models in the form of risk diversification analyses and predictions.

Computational process automation – easy-to-use calculators

Creation of automated processes in company management and product management in MS Office or other statistical software. Creating “user-friendly” calculators for easy use by company employees and clients. The offered automation includes:


Creation of tools enabling data analysis, statistical models, or modification of source data.

Automation and interconnection of computational processes in order to minimize user intervention in the process.

Creation of automated reports – a creation of “button” reports.

Creation of tools enabling automatic generation of reports in pdf, MS Office, Html, and other formats.

If necessary, the automation of reporting also includes the analysis of background data and the design of the optimal presentation of outputs in the form of graphs or tables. Data sources can be supplied by the user, obtained from a database, or from publicly available websites.

Creation, processing, and interpretation of questionnaire surveys

We offer a quantitative analysis of a statistical survey, including a proposal for the survey, the choice of the most appropriate method, and subsequent analysis and interpretation of results. Furthermore, we will be happy to provide you with consulting activities associated with the methodological implementation of the statistical survey and the appropriate visualization of its outputs.

Web Scraping – Mining information from websites

Creation of tools for obtaining data from publicly available websites or publicly available databases.

Regional analyzes and forecasts

We offer companies and public administration the processing of regional socio-economic analyzes and forecasts tailored to a specific client. We will help companies with an analysis of their productivity and competitiveness, as well as national and regional institutions in assessing the impact of various support measures. We use a wide range of socio-economic indicators, including our own experimental estimates of regional indicators.

Demographic analyzes and forecasts

We offer modeling of the expected development of the total number and age and gender structure of the population in a given territorial unit with different variants of the development of the level of births, deaths, and migration. Furthermore, analyzes (the development of births, mortality, migration; development of indicators related to marriage and divorce, marital status, commuting, the spatial distribution of the population, trends in family and household composition and characteristics; housing stock analysis; population dynamics with regard to geographical distribution, the structure according to selected socio-demographic-economic characteristics) and derived forecasts and studies, including comprehensive studies.

Training in the use of statistical programs and methods

The training is intended for professionals and students who want to deepen their skills in the field of Business Intelligence and increase overall productivity in the processing, analysis, visualization, or presentation of data. The acquired knowledge can be applied especially in the field of financial, marketing, consulting, and research institutions, in the field of state and business statistics, and everywhere where it is necessary to process and present any data. The courses we offer can be implemented online, with our lecturers on the client’s external premises, or on the premises of the University of Economics in Prague.

Courses in the use of statistical programs

We offer training focused on statistical and data analysis and created according to the specific wishes of the client (MS Excel, VBA, PowerBI, R, Python, SPSS).

Courses on the use of statistical methods

We offer the possibility of courses focused on statistical methods of data analysis according to the individual needs of the client. The course content can be prepared according to current needs and using different statistical software.

Our clients

We have helped with data analyses also to

Czech Tourism      

Hospodářská komora České republiky ke svému 25. výročí představila logo od Pavla Šťastného       



Improper interpretation and use of the risk index in the PES epidemiologist system will cause long-term and serious economic impacts

Prague, December 14th, 2020 – The risk index used to determine the degree of the anti-epidemic system PES is one of the most monitored statistical indicators in recent weeks. According to this index, most measures are set which, as a result, have significant economic and social impacts on a substantial part of the population. With regard to the severity of these impacts, the inhabitants of the Czech Republic expect that such a fundamental index will be compiled in such a way as to serve its purpose as accurately as possible. But how is it really?



Below you will find the full text of the press release as well as the Analytical Notes on the risk indicator used to determine the degree of the anti-epidemic system PES.

Our Team

Our team is composed of statistical experts from the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the University of Economics, Prague, who guarantee the quality of data processing and evaluation with the precise use of analytical methods at the highest level.

Our experts have many years of experience with statistical analysis and modeling in projects connected with practice and at the same time guarantee the quality of services thanks to many years of experience in both pedagogical and research spheres.


Faculty of Informatics and Statistics
Prague University of Business and Economy
Náměstí Winstona Churchilla 4
130 67,  Praha 3

Tomáš Karel, Ph.D.
+420 723 324 708

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